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What To Do If Someone... Questons and Answers

What To Do If Someone...... a user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

Unanswered Questions

What to do if someone yells at you in the workplace
What to do if someone blocks your driveway nyc
What to do if someone is missing in nyc
What to do if someone buys your domain name
What to do if someone filed my taxes
What to do if someone has a personality disorder
What to do if someone calls you a jerk
What to do if someone k holes
What to do if someone mocks you
What to do if someone opened a credit card in my name
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What to do if someone has a crush on you January 5th 2017 21:19
Ask them if they do
What to do if someone grabs your shirt November 9th 2016 01:22
What to do if some one grabs your shirt
If some one grabs my shirt I would freak out or if i broke a deal with friends they may grab me buy my shirt or if it was a stranger and they grab my shirt and moved me so make sure you know who is grabbing your shirt or and maybe on a date some one may slip there hand under my shirt so becaful by Zachary Downing
Zach Downing
What to do if someone knows where you live September 28th 2016 22:14
What to do if someone dies in new mexico April 27th 2016 21:53
What to do if someone dies in new mexico?
What to do if someone dies in new mexico?
What to do if someone needs mental help March 18th 2016 19:46
My Sister
Ok- My sister believes in mermaids and loves Donald trump I dont know if this is a mental problem but she definitely needs help. But the real problem is she always obsessed with this boy name non of your business ok so she's always talking about them but i really don't know but I just want to tell you what to do DONT FUCK WITH THEM
What to do if someone falls and hits their head March 18th 2016 19:40
My friend
My friend and I were playing and she fell and hit the back of her head it wasn't that hard but she is still saying that it stings. That wont cause fatal head injury because i do my research so i said you have to sit up and i gave her some water and she's just looking. I dont think anything will happen she will just have a headache
What to do if someone throws up January 17th 2016 22:42
give water
What to do if someone threatens to kill your dog January 3rd 2016 23:31
Call the police immediately and the rscpa
What to do if someone threatens you on facebook November 7th 2015 17:20
Face book
What to do if someone kills themselves May 16th 2015 10:39
I don't know.
What to do if someone vomits on you January 29th 2015 05:18
This Will Help
If someone vomits on you just go home and take a long bath and the germs will be gone.. That might help you - Anonymus
What to do if someone wants to make amends December 5th 2014 00:12
Not sure how to reply
An old boyfriend has reached out to tell me he is working the steps and plans to make amends. He is not at that step yet however. It seems weird to me that he would have been advised to say anything if he's not there yet. It just opens old wounds and leaves me in the position to have to just wait for an undetermined amount of time to discuss things. Has anyone dealt with this before? I understand the need for this step and I could see it being cathartic but I'm confused on the pre-warning. Not sure how to reply other than to say it's fine to get in touch if/when that day ever comes. Any suggestions on being on the other end of the steps?
What to do if someone replies k November 6th 2014 20:26
Obviously they're trying to piss you off. Just ignore them. Dont text them back no matter how bad you want to tell them off.
What to do if someone breaks into your car November 1st 2014 18:07
What to do if someone builds on your land September 22nd 2014 02:10
land 100 ft x 120 feet owned by someone else
our 49 1/2 acre farm has someone in the middle that owns 100ft by 120 ft but are spreading out as much as they can, putting 3 travel trailers on it, built a garage, but sewer on our land, what can we do
What to do if someone overdosed on klonopin August 13th 2014 02:20
a friend wants to end his lif with clonopin
what would i have to do besides asking of medical help
What to do if someone forges your signature December 5th 2012 06:20
what can I do about someone forging my name
I live in a condo where I am president of the board of directors and one of the board members forged my name on a corperation document so he could have something done without my signature, this is the second time he has done this. What can I do about it.
What to do if someone opened a credit card in your name November 24th 2012 19:03
It won't hurt your crdiet score, but it will hurt your crdiet worthiness . It's very easy for a Credit Card company to see you doing this, it called BT (Balance Transfer) Surfer . Because it won't affect your crdiet score you will still be approved (keep in mind every inquiry dings your crdiet score) but you may not get a high enough Credit Limit to cover the entire Balance.They do this on purpose, as a BT Surfer you are not profitable, and not a good Long-term investment even if there is a BT fee. Transferring from one card back to the other will still be caught. Every Credit Card company you have an account with runs regular (1-2 times a year) maintainance inquiries and if they see you doing this they can and most likely will stop offering your low rates on Balance Transfers eventually. Also at any time the Credit Card company can Lower your Line of Credit or Revoke (close) your account for any reason. It's in your Cardmember Agreement, I would bet money on the fact this is